No Mans Land - Interracial Edition # 3 2000 | 78 min. Video Team






Silvia Saint, Mocha, Ariel, Ashley Jordan, Brandy, Caroline Cage, Sheila, Cookie, Dee, Monica, Regina, Nefertiti & Tiffany Mason.



All inter-racial pairings.


Ashley Jordan, in the first scene, is better known as Avalon. She looks really great here, as she does in IE1, too. Her scene is a three-way, but a pretty good one.

The best scene on the tape is with Monica and Cookie. This is where Tom Stone really started with the slow, smoldering build-ups.
This scene is a classic; other directors should study it as how to begin scenes. Monica is also really hot!

There is a similar scene between Regina Hall and Ariel. I think this scene may also appear in another video I’ve seen for sale on the LezLoveVideo site.

There is a boring three-way after this, then the final scene with Sylvia Saint, Dee, and Mocha. It was only mediocre, though Sylvia looked fantastic.

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