Babes from Budapest (Viv Thomas) 1999, 90 min.

Babes from Budapest (Viv Thomas) 1999, 90 min.



Vera, Sonia, Sophie, Vivienne, Estelle & Monica.

A World Exclusive! There isn’t a hot-blooded male on the planet who hasn’t dreamed of being a fly-on-the-wall at a MensWorld photo-session. Well now you can, and then some … because we flew our sex-search crew direct to Budapest to film the horniest Hungarian babes they could find. Follow the babes through the casting and onto the set, and listen to them reveal their most intimate fantasies before letting loose in a series of mind-blowing solo, and girl-on-girl sex sessions. Intimate and sizzling, this is the most revealing insight into the world of glamour photography ever.

In this video, we get to follow a model casting which is held in Budapest, Hungary. The video is made up of scenes of the photo shoots and video shoots, interviews with the models and also some "behind the scenes" footage. In this first scene, Sophie, a cute but way too thin blonde, is laying on a sofa touching herself.

Four of the models are on a lunch break and Monica, one of them, picks up a camera and starts taking photos of the others. Soon, clothes are being removed. Vera and Sophie strip down until they’re completely naked while Monica continues to take photos of them.

Estelle and Vera are being photographed and there’s also an interview with Estelle
which is cut in now and then.

Estelle and Vera again, on the same bench, but this time it’s a video shoot.

A solo scene with Monica, the girl who photographed the others during the lunch break. I have to say that her body is amazingly beautiful.

First we see Vivienne being photographed in an office. When the photographer leaves the room after the shoot, Vivienne stays behind and starts looking at some nude photos while masturbating.

Sophie and Sonia in a hot tub mostly kissing each other.

A solo scene with Vera.

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jmrecillas -

Unfortunately all hotfile links (not only thos from this movie) has expired. Can you repost them? Thanks in advance. =)

Lotus -

This movie turned out to be exactly what I expected judging from the cover and vidcaps. Very slick stuff with very beautiful women. The sex was fairly posed but I’ve seen worse, it looked like the women may have actually been enjoying themselves, especially the blonde pair. They engaged in some incredibly lustful kissing throughout their short scene, it was really good. The brunettes weren’t quite as passionate but they did make an effort. I thought the small one with the short hair was exceptionally attractive.

This is the only Viv Thomas movie I’ve seen so I can’t compare it to his others. I can say that the amount of lesbian sex relative to the tape’s running time is fairly short, neither of the two girl/girl scenes is very long, maybe fifteen minutes or so each. I’m sure you can get more for your money with some of his other videos. This would be a good buy if you’ve seen everything else he’s done and just have to see two more scenes or if you like solo girl stuff done by very attractive women.

If there was more lesbian action this would easily be a four star movie, maybe even a five. Instead it gets three out of five.

Jenny -

Let me say first that I'm quite surprised none has reviewed this video! Since I am the first, I'll try to be helpful if you're thinking about buying it.

You've got your basic Viv Thomas formula here. Incomparably beautiful women, crystal-clear photography, exotic locations, a few solo scenes (I know, why?), and some heart-stopping lesbian scenes. The only downside is that there are only two lesbian sequences, but I'll take quality over quantity any day.

I'll skip the solo scenes, since they're obviously not lesbian-sex, although they're still very nice to look at...even for girls.

The first sequence features two brunettes, one quite a bit taller than the other, which makes an interesting contrast. The scene takes place outdoors. The action is typical Viv stuff. Sensuous kissing, hands softly stroking each others bodies, requisite simulated oral sex, some nice breast sucking, ass-licking/kissing, and more kissing, kissing, kissing. When they're done, and they walk off hands on each others asses, you can really see the size difference between them. Pretty hot, but a little predictable.

The second pairing was very nice. Two Scandinavian beauties. Tall, ice-blond hair, blue eyes, high-cheekbones. Could've been regular models in any fashion magazine. They make love in one of my favorite settings - a very large Jacuzzi. These women are so beautiful, when they kiss it seems almost unreal. I've never seen anything so exquisitely delicate, and yet so hot at the same time. They devour each others bodies, getting more and more steamed up all the while. Copious kissing, breast sucking/licking, and some very nice masturbation is the recipe here, with some more simulated oral again. I honestly couldn’t think of a more beautiful pairing than these two. All I'd ask for is better sound, longer kissing, and maybe some trib. If you like contrast between the women, this is not for you. These two are hard to tell apart at times, but I found it quite satisfying.

All in all, if you like Viv's stuff, you'll like Babes From Budapest too. I just wish he would forget the solo scenes, and improve the sound, so we can hear their lovemaking better. Don't skip this video because it only has two scenes. Quality always rules over quantity. I'd rather have one really hot scene, and nothing else, than a bunch of low-quality, repetitive junk to wear out my ff button.