Sammy Jayne

Sammy Jayne

Sammy Jayne was born in UK and she is a famous xxx movies actress.

General appearance:

She has blue eyes and blonde hair.
Sammy is 170cm tall. Her body measurements are :
- bust : 34 (with B cup)
- waist : 24
- hips : 32

Sam Gets Her Girl, Season 2 -Sammy Jayne, Tasha, Jane

Sam gets arrested for being provocative. But prison proves to be just the place for pulling, when she meets a like-minded hooker and a female officer. These are very naughty girls.
After having been arrested for "provocative behavior", Sammy Jayne
seduces a fellow inmate (Tasha) and a police officer (Jane).

Sam Gets Her Girl, Season 2 -Sammy Jayne, Greta

Sam joins naughty Greta in the bath for some fun and frolics. This randy pair just can’t get wet enough.Sammy Jayne seduces a girl (Greta) who’s taking a bath.

Sam Gets Her Girl, Season 2 -Sammy Jayne, Olivia

Sammy Jayne picks up a prostitue (Olivia).
Sam proves it’s not just for boys, when she picks up a beautiful prostitute. The woman is an expert and fulfils Sam’s every need. It was money very well spent!

Sam Gets Her Girl, Season 2 -Sammy Jayne, Sophie

Sammy Jayne seduces a girl (Sophie) she meets in a Sauna.

Sam visits the gym, and heads for the sauna, she is soon joined by a foxy female guest. Sam can feel the heat between them and can’t resist stroking her pussy, things get very steamy indeed!

Sam Gets Her Girl, Season 2 -Sammy Jayne, Cindy

Sammy Jayne seduces a girl (Cindy) who is lost and asks Sam for directions.

Sam spends the day at the river, where she bumps into a lost young girl. They both head off in search of a secluded spot perfect for some outdoor loving.

Sam Gets Her Girl, Season 2 -Sammy Jayne, karen

Sammy Jayne seduces a girl (Karen) whose biker boyfriend is temporarily away.
Sam’s friend Karen comes to visit, but she arrives on motorbike with her man which is a little disappointing. The girls decide that threes a crowd, and lose the man but keep the bike so they can spread their legs.



Sam and her blonde friend are doing a photo shoot in a beautiful sports car. When the shoot is over, they can’t wait to get their hands on each other.

Sammy Jayne and Victoria are having sex by the pool.

Sam loves doing it in the water and this is no exception. Watch as she seduces another quite willing girl in her quest for the perfect shag.

Sammy Jayne, Mia and Sophie are having sex in a hot-tub.

Sam catches two of her friends in the bath together and can’t wait to jump in and join them. Watch as an orgasmic threesome develops.

Sammy Jayne and Mia are having sex outdoors.

Sammy Jayne loves sex outdoors and this episode is no exception. Watch as she takes advantage of another willing girl.

Sammy Jayne and Barbi are having sex outdoors.

Sam’s unsuspecting room mate is in for a real treat when horny Sammy Jayne gets hold of her. This is the best girl girl fun!

Sammy Jayne and Alissa are having sex in a production studio.

Sam introduces us to one of the lucky girls who gets to edit her programmes, but watching them together gets both girls hot under the collar.

Sammy Jayne and Rebekah Teasdale are having sex on a bed
STUDENT [starring Rebekah Parmar-Teasdale!]
Sam seduces a sweet and innocent student, who’s much more experienced than she lets on. So they waste no time in teaching each other a few tricks!

Sammy Jayne and Kity Luv are having sex in Viv’s London studio.

A woman is on the ‘phone to her boyfriend when Sam decides to seduce her. The woman soon loses her concentration on the conversation and concentrates on Sam instead.

Sammy Jayne and Jade are having sex in a photo studio.

Sammy Jayne’s the make-up artist on set for a photo shoot, but the model recognizes Sam from her other exploits and soon the two are both in need of a touch-up.

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