Pink Velvet 01 (Viv Thomas)

Viv thomas – Pink Velvet 1 : The innocence of lesbian love


Jo, Lisa, Ella, Dolores & Katie.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!! aka The Innocence of Lesbian Love Pink Velvet tells the story of Jo, a young girl from Budapest, beautiful, smart, but unsure of her sexuality. Jo needs a place to stay over Winter so she finds refuge at a house in the country owned by Lisa, a stunning woman with a passion for young girls.

Lisa lives with her daughter Ella, a playful girl with an appetite for experimenting, and Dolores, a lodger who delights in having her pussy pleasured by anyone willing to fulfill her needs.

Katie, another new girl is having trouble settling, but soon feels at home when her and Ella become more than friends.

Pink Velvet is a tale of sexual desires, young girls finding their sexuality and discovering their true feelings for one another. But most of all it is about true love, and passionate lovemaking.








This film is remarkable for the level of affection and involvement it depicts between its characters. Lisa, a 30-something woman, runs a hostel for teenage girls with her daughter Ella. Lisa becomes emotionally involved with Jo, a new tenant, while Ella gets close to another new tenant, Katie. Resident sexual dynamo Dolores goes to bed with more or less everyone.

What makes this film great is the consummation of the slow-burning passion between Lisa and Jo. When they finally sleep together they give each other the most intense orgasms I’ve ever seen in porn. To see what Jo and Ella can do to each other, you’ll have to look to the ‘Young Lesbian Love’ video. But this film is a sweet, teenage dream in a class of its own.

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