Lesbian Dating Game - Lipstik (1993)


Running Time:

Shayla, PJ, Madison, Crystal, Nikki, Tiffany, Sierra & Francesca.

La pelicula va de un juego de citas pero a lesbico.

On the heels of successful "Lesbian Love Connection", the same people bring you another one of television's most popular shows. "The Lesbian Dating Game" is everything you might think it is and more - with a cast of the biggest stars in adult erotica today. One would be enough -- but all of them in the same picture?!! Come join the fun as you watch some of the biggest names in the hottest action.Running      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part14.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part06.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part07.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part09.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part10.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part15.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part01.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part16.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part11.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part02.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part08.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part04.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part05.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part17.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part18.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part13.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part03.rar      Les-LDG-Lpstk.part12.rar

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