Taboo: Lesbian Love Slaves

Taboo: Lesbian Love Slaves





Slave girl submissives must suck and fuck their Masters. Watch as their wet little pussies are punished to the breaking point of pleasure!

Alexa Jaymes , Anastasia Pierce , Chayse Evans , Emily Addison , Lux Kassidy , Madison Scott , Zoe Britton ,

Emily is at the mercy of Mistress Chayse’s every dirty desires! She whips and locks her legs open with to eat her pussy. Mistress Chayse then jams a ball gag in Emily’s mouth before bending her over and fingering her wet pussy, before using a large double ended Dildo, on
both their pussies!
The Mistress has Zoe strapped, to a bondage rack, playing with her pussy! She then uses giant suction cups on her breasts and pussy, getting wet as they are pulled and stretched! Then the Mistress fucks her with a vibrator to make her cum before slave Zoe crawls away. Good Slave!
Madison is tied to a bondage horse, cuffed and gagged, struggling when Mistress Lux starts inspecting her. Madison is a good slave and remains quiet as her Mistress plays with her pussy. After Mistress Lex decides she has had enough, she gets dicks on sticks for some fucking, satisfy both pussies!
Jaymie Langford is a damsel in distress, at the mercy of Mistress Paris! As she struggles to get free of her bonds, the Mistress will play with her until she is satisfied! She will then put her play slut away in a transparent straight body jacket to play with on another day.
Mistress Anastasia loves smoking a cigarette, especially when her French maid Alexa is licking her pussy. When her maid disobeys and makes her cum, Mistress Anastasia is forced to punish her pussy.

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