Lesbian - (90's Classic) Junkyard Dykes 3 (1994)


Running Time:

Lacey Rose, Rebecca Bardoux, Nina Suave, Lili Xene, Valeria, Cumisha Amado, Kaitlyn Ashley.
Some lesbians have all the luck. Like Lacey Rose, who finds an ice cream truck full of foreign ladies with a hankering for friendly female flesh. It seems they've been smuggled into the country and abandoned in front of the notorious all-lesbian junkyard. When she brings them back to her 'yard for a few English lessons, things quickly degenerate into an all-out, greased up, wall-to-wall all-girl orgy. Exotic and hugely endowed Lili Xene leads the luscious assault with a squad of lingerie-clad shock troops and a variety of formidable sex toys. Philipina cute girl Cumisha is also on hand to add a little Asian spice to the mix. A wild, reckless all-girl romp.

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