Hot Showers 14


Katin & Giselle, Alex & Roxy, Michelle & Sarah, Serena & Kate, Shawnie & Charlie.

What’s the perfect recipe for porn? Hot Showers #14 has all the ingredients to make a tasty, all-girl treat. First, grab a pair of naughty girls (the cuter the better). Next, place them in a shower, hot tub or pool so they can marinate in their own juices. If need be, hose the hotties down so that their tight little holes are sopping wet. Let nature take its course. The pair will go at it, licking and nibbling on each other’s muffins. Toss a couple of dildos into the mix and stir. Most importantly, make sure that director Clive McLean (Barely Legal) tapes the proceedings. Hot Showers #14 serves the hungriest hardcore appetite.

Scene Listing:

Wet Loft Lust - Katin & Giselle

Good Girl, Bad Girl - Roxy & Alex

Lust Lotion - Sarah & Michelle

New York Dolls - Kate & Serena

Dream Cum True - Charlie & Shawnee

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