Girl + Girl #1


Zora Banks, Amanda, Cameron Cruz, Jennifer, May, Melody, Nikita, Samanta, Sandra Shine, Sweet Leopard, Szonda & Wanda.
When the boys are away, the girls will play. Hustler’s girl+girl #1 is an all-girl club where anything goes and everybody comes. Are you ready for a steamy look at a gorgeous gang of pussy-licking, crotch-rubbing, dildo-riding, buttplug-humping dykes? Prepare yourself for the hottest slice of sapphic smut you’ve seen. Hustler’s girl+girl #1 is here, queer and hotter than a motherfucker!

Scene Listing:

Garage - Amanda & Szonda & Melody

Pottery Shop - Cameron Cruz & Wanda

Bus - Nikita & Sweet Leopard

Hospital - May & Sandra Shine

Dressing Room - Jennifer & Samanta

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