girl+girl 02 split scenes 2003, 81 min. Directed by Zora Banks


Zora Banks, Eva, Iness, Alissa, Karina, Caroline Cage, Christal, Cola, Daphne, Kelli, Kristina, Monica Moore & Tiffany Diamond.

A pussy is a girl’s best friend.

Some girls fuck. Others suck. Hustler’s girl+girl #2 is all about ladies who lick. Welcome to the world of lesbo lust, where multiple orgasms are an everyday occurance and hairy man-ass is a thing of the past. Hustler’s girl+girl #2 delivers all of the hardcore, chick vs. chick action that viewers want. The most beautiful women in the world hook up, go down and get off in every stylish vignette. Have you been thirsting for the next wave in lesbian XXX? Hustler’s girl+girl #2 is coming your way!

Scene listing:

Bar - Caroline Cage & Kate

Tailor’s Shop - Cola & Monica Moore

Gym - Daphne & Karina & Tiffany Diamond

Flower Shop - Eva & Kelli & Kristina & Iness

Shoe Shop - Alissa & Christal

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