Older Women & Younger Women 02


Sherilyn & Allison Wyte, Diane Diamonds & Riley Roberts, Eriko Kole & Sage, Kat Kleevage & Katie Morgan, Jessica Wylde & Misty Parks.
Sherilyn & Allison Wyte
A young intern at a museum discovers her older female boss is into more than just history. It turns out the woman is a full fledged lesbian and gave up men years ago. Allison decides life is all about new experiences and gives pussy licking the old college try.

Diane Diamonds & Riley Roberts

A chance encounter at a nail salon between an older women and young girl turns into a hot afternoon of lesbian sex.

Eriko Kole & Sage
After a year of college Erika comes home to stay with her parents for the summer. During her time at school she had her first lesbian encounter. How could she tell her parents? But an old neighbor of the family might have a sympathetic ear. And a lot more than that, as Erika soon finds herself embroiled in a summertime lesbian affair with an older woman.

Kat Kleevage & Katie Morgan
During a college field trip to Mexico a young student gets together with her teacher.

Jessica Wylde & Misty Parks
An older woman stops by to give a younger woman career advice. Ms. Wylde believes Misty will make a fine bank teller with her cute little face and bubbly personality. In fact Ms. Wylde can’t resist herself.

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