Ladies Room - Sin City (1994)

Running Time:



Asia Carrera, Bunny Bleu, Christina West, Dominique Bouche, Isis Nile, Shelby Stevens, Buck Adams (NonSex), Tony Tedeschi (NonSex)


This all-girl vid follows the basic "men are all scum, so let’s fuck each other" formula, with pretty good results. It begins with Shelby Stevens dumping her man (Tony Tedeschi), then going to meet best gal-pal Dominique Bouche (formerly Sydney Dance) for lunch at a bar and grill — where everyone in this vid eventually ends up. Isis Nile and Christine West share a sensuous bath together before head ing off to the bar to meet their blind dates (Tony and Buck), while Asia Carrera and Bunny Bleu prove that making up is fun to do after they have a lesbo domestic dispute. Natch, they too head for the bar for a little "after munch" lunch.


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