No Man's Land 13 (1996)


Studio: Video Team
Series: No Man’s Land
Director: Wesley Emerson
Approximate Running Time: 01:24:50
Released: 1996
Custodian of Records


April Diamonds, Ashley Renee, Crystal Breeze, Jill Kelly, Kim Kitaine, Marki, Missy, Nici Sterling, Sindee Coxx

No Man’s Land 13
These girls know how to treat a lady right as they lick, suck, and poke in the way only women know how. These women are experiencing something that a man cannot help them with...a real orgasm. Realizing that their girlfriends are willing to become their lovers helps them to burst through and find the ultimate release.

Scene Breakdowns

    * Scene 1. Kim Kitaine, Nici Sterling
    * Scene 2. Ashley Renee, Crystal Breeze, Jill Kelly, Missy
    * Scene 3. April Diamonds, Marki
    * Scene 4. Crystal Breeze, Nici Sterling
    * Scene 5. Jill Kelly, Sindee Coxx









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