Where the Boys Aren't 7 1995


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(Credited cast)

Julia Ann...Julia Ann

Christy Canyon...Christy

Asia Carrera...Asia

Jenna Jameson...Jenna

Dyanna Lauren...Dyanna

Janine Lindemulder...Janine

Marc Wallice

Runtime:85 min

One of the better entries in the series that offers a simply outstanding cast. The campy story provides some added flavor to the numerous sexual trysts. True love, pure lust, consolation, envy, new experiences, self-sacrifice and a light bondage-themed outing keeps the spice and variety levels high. The toys are not all-encompassing here and actually blend in rather well with the sex, for an A-list commercial release. There's definitely a glossy, semi-artificial feel to the proceedings, but with such incredible visions of beauty such as Dyanna Lauren, Jenna Jameson, Janine, Asia Carrera and Julia Ann, there could be no doubt this was pure fantasy for the lesbian-craving voyeur. Pretty good sex, but fantsastic eye candy.

Then two heavyweights meet - Janine and a young Jenna. Janine almost seems to be trembling with anticipation of body-to-body contact with Jenna. It's older/younger queens meeting for the first time in a sexual showdown scene that should have lasted one hour! Janine plants her dripping wet clit squarely on an eager Jenna's face, and it's love at first sight for both women! Janine drills her tongue into Jenna’s snatch and is rewarded with a mouthful of sweet cream for her efforts - it's her lucky day!

A volcanic three-way with Christy, Julia, and Dyanna steams up my TV screen to a fog/mist, like a sauna! Very, very INTENSE 69 action; as Christy straps-on and drills Julia deep, Dyanna sits on Julia's face. I have to admit, one of the hottest sex acts between two women is one sitting on the face of the other. I can NEVER get enough of that action!

Janine takes on a leather butch persona and gets rough with Asia, with plenty of deep French-kissing and strong dom/fem themed sex-play. Hot, too hot! There is a classic all-girl orgy at the end - great stuff!

Great cast, sex, direction, set, music - the whole works! Vivid - CONTACT Ernest and have him write and direct two more films in this series. After this film, #7, the series began a long, slow decline - it's never reached these heights again. Ernest, lets see some of this action in your Bizarre films! You still have the talent, you just need the right CAST.

grandes dialogos


Asia: I mean, what if Dyanna...
Janine: Don't you get tired of always being the responsible one? Why don't you let somebody else do the thinking?
Asia: You always know just what to say to me...
Janine: The feeling's mutual.

Asia: You had that crowd under your thumb.
Dyanna: It was an easy crowd!

Jenna: You know, what happened between Janine and Asia was kinda like an accident.
Julia Ann: Yeah right! Oh, and I suppose Asia just tripped and fell right into Janine's pussy.

[re: the straps on her dress]
Dyanna: Will you come over here and help me with this?
Asia: Thought you'd never ask...

[Dyanna is talking to Asia, a piano player]
Dyanna: You ever have one of those nights - where you don't do anything wrong - but you still feel like you could've done better?
Asia: Only when I play piano.

Dyanna: I had a feeling I'd find you two here... in Janine's little hide-out.
[to Asia]
Dyanna: Old habits are hard to break, aren't they? Here.
[she tosses a package onto the bed]
Asia: What's that?
Dyanna: It's a recording contract... but you're going to be needing to find a new singer


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