Viv's Dream Team Girls (Viv Thomas) 2005

Viv's Dream Team Girls (Viv Thomas) 	 2005




Sandy & Sophie Moone, Peaches & Gina B, Eve & Bridgett, Vera & Jamie, Sandra Shine & Stella Stevens.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!!

Viv Thomas has spent his career photographing the most beautiful women in the world. Now for the first time he has selected 10 of his very best and kindly asked them to lick, probe and ravish each other’s perfect bodies.

These stunning starlets show exactly why they belong in the Dream Team.

Scene Listing:

[1:09] Sandy & Sophie Moone

[29:56] Peaches & Gina B

[50:56] Eve & Bridgett

[1:15:43] Vera & Jamie

[1:38:34] Sandra Shine & Stella Stevens

[2:00:20] END CREDITS

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