viv thomas hot slot 2

viv thomas hot slot 2


Nelly, Zafira, Lola, Vanessa, Zoe & Charlie.
A Lezlove World Exclusive!!

The sapphic masters have continued their extremely popular Hot Slots series with this second installment, proving that there is nothing quite like seeing two girls kissing passionately, devouring each other’s wet slots, and worshipping every inch of each other’s bodies. It’s real, it’s lustful, and it’s a lesson in expert cunnilingus!

Scene listing:

[0:34] Charlie & Vanesa

[18:49] Vanesa & Lola

[33:41] Nelly & Zafira

[55:55] Zoe & Zafira

[1:23:31] Zoe & Lola

[1:44:35] Charlie & Zafira

[2:01:56] END CREDITS

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