Sandy: Babe Abroad, Season 1 2000 megaupload


Sandy, Daniella, Sophie, Vera, Suzy, Mary, Jenny, Emma, Samantha & Jenny.

2000, 151 min.
Playboy TV UK
Directed by Viv Thomas

[0:00] Episode 1 - HOLIDAY FANTASY
Sandy spots tasty brunette Daniela sunning herself by the pool so she introduces herself and before long the two gorgeous girls are having a short but very, very sweet holiday romance.

[14:57] Episode 2 - TWO FOR TENNIS
Sandy’s playing tennis with Sophie when the irresistible urge to have passionate sex strikes half way through a game so it’s down with the rackets and out with the tits in a love-all game.

[29:54] Episode 3 - JACUZZI FIZZ
Sandy shares a Jacuzzi with her gorgeous brunette girlfriend Vera and the bubbles have a magical effect on the girls. It makes their clothes disappear and their libidos explode.

[43:48] Episode 4 - PICNIC PRANKS
Sandy, Sophie and Vera are on a picnic together but it turns out they’re only hungry for each other so they make the picnic blanket the happiest picnic blanket there ever was.

[59:39] Episode 5 - BLUE MOVIE
It’s a rare rainy day in Sandy’s sunny world so she and Sophie put on a blue movie and soon they’re in the mood to forget the wet weather and enjoy how wet they make each other.

[1:14:34] Episode 6 - BEACH PARTY
Sandy meets busty brunette Suzy on a beach, they get acquainted, have a little fun before heading off to somewhere private to have a whole lot more.

[1:29:32] Episode 7 - SHALL WE DANCE?
Sandy and her friends visit a lap dancing club and Sandy takes a fancy to the girl on the pole. It doesn’t take her long to get in on the action and do a little dancing herself!

[1:45:26] Episode 8 - WONDERFUL INTENTIONS
Sandy and elegant brunette Jenny are in a bar to relax and have a few drinks. But they soon find that, with a lot of nibbling and sucking, there are much better ways to relax.

[2:00:51] Episode 9 - SLEEP OVER!
Emma and Samantha are having a sleep over at Sandy’s. Not that these incredibly gorgeous and horny girls are going to get much sleep.

[2:15:30] Episode 10 - LARGE SAUSAGE
Sandy and her friends Jenny and Sophie are having a barbecue together but it doesn’t take much to take these girls’ minds off food and onto making hot and steamy love on the table instead.

[2:30:24] ----------

Una serie de television  super  dificil  de conseguir por que los enlaces me los borraban a cada rato hasta ahora lo logre consegui, salio  una vez creo que a media noche  en  algun  canal aya por el 2000 s     

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