Lesbian - (90's Classic) Strange Lesbian Tales (1996)



Running Time:

Lovette, P.J. Sparxx, Sofia Ferrari, Nancy Vee, Heather Hart, Marki.

Our tales of lesbian lust begin with a pretty girl abandoned on a lonely dirt road after spurning the advances of her male date… Fortunately, she’s far less stand-offish to her lesbian rescuers! "Next, live in prison is no piece of cake, but our lovely little inmate is soon taught to develop a craving for her hardened roommate’s fur pie! "In scene three, we get to see the hair fly when an innocent young catholic girl finds herself in the midst of the Hell Club Girls… The devil makes her do it! "Last, but not least, there’s nothing like a down home dirty lesbian mano a taco in the shower scene to clean up this collection of strange lesbo lust tales.

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