Barrio Babes (1994) sin city

Barrio Babes (1994) sin  city


Argumento:The barrio. A very dangerous place unless you’ve got a heat, a crew, or a screw loose. Meet "the babes": Alicia, Char, Maria, Rosa, and Shana. Five gang bangers with an "in yo face" attitude and more sexual tricks than a nympho in a dick factory!
Cast: Alicia Rio, Asia Carrera, Micki Lynn, Rebecca Wild, Tawny Ocean (as Rhiannon), Tara Monroe

Format : AVI
File size : 746 MB
Duration : 1h 18 Mins

Scene Breakdowns
  • Scene 1. Alicia Rio, Asia Carrera
  • Scene 2. Rebecca Wild, Tara Monroe
  • Scene 3. Micki Lynn, Tawny Ocean
  • Scene 4. Asia Carrera, Tara Monroe
  • Scene 5. Alicia Rio, Rebecca Wild


File name: Barrio Babes [1994].avi
File size:746.41 MB


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