No Man's Land 21(1998)



Stars: Melanie Stone, Charlie, Alexandra Silk, Tina Tyler, Mandi Frost, Ashley Renee, Dee

Studio: Video Team
Series: No Man’s Land
Director: Wesley Emerson
Approximate Running Time: 01:25:31

Scene Breakdowns

    Scene 1. Melanie Stone, Tina Tyler
    Scene 2. Ashley Renee, Charlie, Dee
    Scene 3. Alexandra Silk, Charlie
    Scene 4. Alexandra Silk, Dee
    Scene 5. Mandi Frost, Tina Tyler

No Man’s Land Part 21

The staple of all girl video. A virtual who’s who of female porn. There are no men welcome... just the sweet smell of womanly matters going on. Come and experience the lesbian affairs in this thrilling video. Nothing but buxom babes in here and nothing but Sapphic love!

La pelicula trata de una rubia que no puede dormir por que el sonido del mar no la deja  por lo que lo unico que puede hacer es buscar sexo con otras mujeres para satisfacer su ardor uterino.

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 In "No Man’s Land 21" Alexandra Silk plays a celebrated, borderline
alcoholic poet. She is, in fact, the very "voice of the lesbian movement."
 She didn’t ask for the notoriety and she’s sick of it.
A bartender friend gives her the keys to her cabin by the sea, but rather
than finding peace, Alexandra finds herself screaming at the ocean waves to shut up.
Nature, she discovers, encourages self-reflection, and that is simply too painful for her.
Her only solace, and it is temporary at best, lies in booze and sex.


This lovely Latin lady is a HOT new item on
the adult video entertainment scene. The very first thing you should
know about Dee is that she loves sex!! This 20 year old Puerto Rican
 pornette has all the right qualifications for entry into the world of
triple-X...a sleek, natural shape that measures 34B-20-34, stands 5’5"
tall and weighs just 100 pounds. Her tawny skin, cat-like eyes and
masses of auburn curls give her a wild, exotic look. Raised in New York
 by a single mother, Dee is a unique and independent person.
 Her interests outside the adult world are numerous and varied.
She likes drawing, reading and writing (especially sensual poetry).
She’s a music lover who enjoys everything from Rhythm & Blues to Rap,
and she loves to eat almost anything except spicy food. Fast cars turn her on,
and her personal transportation is a Mustang convertible. Her favorite
TV programs are historical documentaries and biographies, and her
shopping sprees take her to stationary stores as often as boutiques.
Her taste in clothes is simple -- T-shirts and jeans or nothing at all!
Dee says her Hispanic and Puerto Rican heritage are responsible for
her highly sexual nature. She admits freely to being an exhibitionist and
 loves playing out her personal fantasies. She believes that the mind is
the most powerful sex organ, and that the sexiest thing is to leave something to the imagination.
 She loves to tease (guys and girls) and to explore her own sexuality in front of the camera.
 She looks forward to doing more adult features, and plans to begin dancing professionally in clubs in the near future.
Long Island, New York
Born On:
September 19
My career in the erotic film industry began in 1995. Since then,
I have starred in over 400 xxx movies. I also have a TV show on the Playboy channel called Sex
where I play Bailiff Silk. Over 100 million people have seen my sitcom
which airs across the world in 12 different languages. I’ve appeared on HBO, Cinemax,
 E channel, Fox News, several music videos, TV commercials and mainstream movies.
In print, I’ve appeared in many magazines and newspapers from The New Yorker to The LA
as well as Playboy, Vogue, and Maxim. I was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, and I am in the Erotic
Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada as one of the Top 100 Adult Film Stars! I’m a director, producer,
 comedian, photographer, sex educator, web geek, and still have a blast getting naked in front of the camera.
It all started one night when I met superstar, Jenna Jameson,
 in a strip club in Las Vegas. I told her she was a babe. She gave me a kiss on the lips and some tips on who
 to contact in the
industry. Next thing you know, I’m off to California!
First person I met in Hollywood was Ron Jeremy.
We instantly became friends. He introduced me to directors and producers.
My career began to blossom. Now, I’m a star!
Critics consider me to be talented and versatile. I can be intensely seductive and erotic.
 I love sex, men, women, orgies, anal and fetish. I do it all. I have many different
looks from sultry, to elfin, to elegant. My sexual performances are
always hot, exciting and real. My number one passion in life is pleasure!
Currently, you can catch me starring on Playboy TV’s Sex Court with Judge Julie Strain.
The show has been running since 1998. I’m the Bailiff. The mischievous little vixen in the blue
 leather corset. I also direct the Silk series for my company, Fallen Angel Video.
 I even travel around the country with Luc Wylder shooting the very popular series,
Sex Across America for Fallen Angel. For all you couples out there, I’m continuously shooting
my award winning series called Internal Affairs. It’s very sexy, very real and very hot stuff! One important
 message I’d like to share about my sex life. I really do get myself into some extremely
wild sexual scenes. I’m a total flirt. I have multiple partners, I play in orgies and I have
anal sex, but I practice safe sex! I always use condoms & my brain (the other sex organ).
I’m always safe so I’m never sorry.
Long Beach, CA
Born On:
February 23
This tanned, buxom brunette hails
from sunny Southern California.
As a former receptionist who has only been
in the adult industry a short time, Charlie got into the business
by answering an ad, and has been hard at work ever since. And while
Charlie started doing XXX movies to help make ends meet while pursuing a
 career in mainstream movies she says she continues making adult movies
because they’re a lot of fun. Some of Charlie’s best sex scenes have included an all-girl group sex
scene in Wicked Pictures’ Dangerous Tides. She also goes at it hot and heavy with Raylene, who she loves to
work with and who she considers a great friend, in Her Wicked Obsession. While Charlie continues a successful
 career in adult movies she is trying to follow her dreams and focus on acting in more mainstream parts.
Charlie likes to spend most of her free time at the gym, and also enjoys hiking. She loves to let loose
 by playing laser tag or playing on her Sony Playstation. She also loves going to the movies and seeing a
 good action movie, or anything starring Jim Carrey. Charlie says she is one of Jim Carrey’s biggest fans
 and owns every one of his movies. This gorgeous seductress thinks her personality is her best quality, she says
that everyone loves her eyes. And if seeing Charlie in movies isn’t enough you can even take a piece of
Charlie home with you because an adult toy company will be selling molds of her face and private parts for
 your own personal use. Then you can enjoy Charlie on an entirely other level.

Ashley Renee (born May 22) is a producer, director, bondage model and

pornographic actress. She has appeared in many bondage magazines and films for over 20 years.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, she is of Italian and Russian ancestry.
She worked as a Playboy Bunny during the late 1980s, before becoming a
pornographic actress and cover girl for several adult magazines

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