Girl + Girl #5

Dark Angel, Elena, Jasmin, Kathy Anderson, Lucy Lee, Patricia, Sarah Blue, Sharka, Sweet Claudia, Vanessa, Yvonne & Zora Banx.
Are you ready to overdose on pussy? Hustler’s girl+girl #5 contains dangerous amounts of intense, chick-on-chick action. Nine out of ten porn critics agree: One muff is good; two muffs are awesome. Who needs porn studs when you’ve got a dozen cuties and a boxful of sex toys? We’ve cast our latest fuck flick with a gang of eager, cunt-loving tramps, supplied the hotties with a butt-load of strap-ons, vibrators and lube, and let nature take its course. Check out Hustler’s girl+girl #5 and prepare for lesbo overload.

Scene Listing:

4 Girl Orgy - Zora Banx & Sweet Claudia

Model Agency - Yvonne & Vanessa

Country Club - Kathy Anderson & Sharka

Bowling Club - Lucy Lee & Elena

Athens Hotel - Dark Angel & Jasmin

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pajaroloco8 -

que mierda que los links no existan!!!!

Pedroparto34 -

Hola, no hay nada, los link estan muertos, q pena para tan buena pela :(