Lesbian - Classic - No Man's Land Video Team - An All Female Fantasy (1988)

Amber Lynn, Samantha Strong, Krista Lane, Lois Ayres, Nikki Knights, Melissa Melendez, Tiffany Storm

  • Amber Lynn [LezOnly]

  • Angel Kelly [LezOnly]

  • Beverly Glen [LezOnly]

  • Britt Morgan [LezOnly]

  • Brittany Stryker [LezOnly]

  • Dana Dylan [LezOnly]

  • Dina Deville [LezOnly]

  • Fallon [LezOnly]

  • Jeanna Fine [LezOnly]

  •  Jessica Wylde [LezOnly]

  • Kim Bernard [LezOnly]

  • Krista Lane [LezOnly]

  • Melba Cruz (as Lacy Logan) [LezOnly]

  • Liz Alexander [LezOnly]

  • Lois Ayres [LezOnly]

  • Lorrie Lovett [LezOnly]

  • Megan Leigh [LezOnly]

  • Melissa Melendez [LezOnly]

  • Nikki Knight [LezOnly]

  • Samantha Strong [LezOnly]

  • Scarlet Scarleau (as Scarlett Fever) [LezOnly]

  • Tiffany Storm [LezOnly]

  • Tracey Adams [LezOnly]

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Amber Lynn, Tiffany Storm
  • Scene 2. Megan Leigh, Tiffany Storm
  • Scene 3. Dana Dylan, Fallon
  • Scene 4. Dina Deville, Dana Dylan, Krista Lane, Melba Cruz, Tiffany Storm, Jessica Wylde
  • Scene 5. Kim Bernard, Scarlet Scarleau
  • Scene 6. Krista Lane, Tiffany Storm
  • Scene 7. Angel Kelly, Nikki Knight
  • Scene 8. Beverly Glen, Lorrie Lovett, Brittany Stryker
  • Scene 9. Britt Morgan, Liz Alexander
  • Scene 10. Dina Deville, Lois Ayres, Melissa Melendez, Samantha Strong
  • Scene 11. Jeanna Fine, Tracey Adams



No hard angles, just the soft curve of breast molded to breast. No tough muscle, just long supple limbs entwined in heated embrace. No rough stubble, just smooth gleaming skin against skin, pouting lips, probing tongues, and the passion of women loving women.

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